Legal Aid Manitoba (LAM)



Legal Aid Manitoba works to ensure that people with low incomes have the protections guaranteed in Canada by The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, enacted as part of The Constitution Act in 1982.  Our service is fundamental to a fair and balanced justice system.

Legal Aid Manitoba is governed by The Legal Aid Manitoba Act. The Act requires that we:

  • Provide quality legal advice and representation to eligible low-income individuals and groups
  • Administer the delivery of legal aid in a cost-effective and efficient manner
  • Provide advice to the Minister on legal aid generally and on the specific legal needs of low-income individuals

Management Council

Management Council, which consists of seven to nine people appointed by provincial Cabinet, directs the business and affairs of Legal Aid Manitoba, such as setting eligibility guidelines. The Law Society of Manitoba suggests three members. The Council is independent of government. Council members are not employees of Legal Aid Manitoba.

Timothy Valgardson (Chair)
James McLandress (Vice-Chair)
Kim Milne
Diane Stevenson
Mark O’Neil
Lisa Settee
Aileen Madden
Brenda Gunn

Legal Aid Manitoba’s Corporate Directors’ Manual

Advisory Committee

An Advisory Committee of community members offers feedback and advice to the Management Council.

Executive Management Committee

Sam Raposo, Deputy Executive Director
Bruce Gammon, Legal Director
Peter Kingsley, Senior Area Director
Robin Dwarka, Director of Finance and Labour Management

Area Director

Cathy Sherman