Legal Aid Manitoba (LAM)



Articling positions are 1 year in duration. They begin in late May or early June.


Please see our 2025/26 Articling Student Brochure for additional information here .

You may also speak to our current or former articling students upon request.

Criminal Community Law Centres, Winnipeg (5 positions)

The Criminal Community Law Centres deliver service in the areas of adult and youth criminal law with a small prison law component. Lawyers and articling students provide full representation, including preliminary inquiries, trials and appellate reviews.

Police in Canada are required to advise suspects of their right to counsel as well as the availability and phone number of Legal Aid. Articling students provide 24-hour telephone on-call service for calls from outside of Winnipeg on a rotational basis. On-call assignments are for 2 or 3 day rotations. Articling students may also be required to provide short-term emergency back up to the Winnipeg on-call program. The positions at these offices are a perfect fit if you wish to specialize in criminal law.

Supervising Attorneys

Cameron Pauls

Greg Hawrysh

Gary Robinson

Melissa Ferens

John Rutherford

Family Community Law Centres, Winnipeg (2 positions)

The Family Community Law Centres deal with family law, including litigation, collaborative and child protection law. If you want to specialize in family law or have a broader experience, you will find excellent opportunities here.

Supervising Attorneys

Meredith Mitchell

Crystal Kennedy

Public Interest Law Centre, Winnipeg (1 position)

Articling students at the Public Interest Law Centre (PILC) work under the supervision of PILC lawyers who conduct periodic file reviews, monitor workload, and are available to answer questions. Duties of the articling student include:

  • Carry out research
  • Interview witnesses
  • Draft pleadings, motions and arguments
  • Help counsel in court and in administrative tribunals
  • Provide legal information and take applications for legal aid
  • Provide legal advice as Duty Counsel to individuals in police custody

All PILC staff meet regularly to review files and assign work. The articling experience can be tailored, to some extent, to the interests of the articling student. The student may wish to take on some other duties for increased variety, such as a rural Duty Counsel circuit, accompanying other Legal Aid Manitoba lawyers on criminal or family matters, or assuming individual responsibility for minor criminal, civil or administrative law files.

Public Interest Law Centre – Volunteers and Interns, Winnipeg (3 Positions)

PILC provides volunteer and internship opportunities to students and other interested individuals. PILC ensures that volunteers and interns receive a broad range of experience while conducting meaningful work.

In co-operation with the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law, PILC has also established two for-credit internships for law students. In addition, PILC has a paid summer internship for Indigenous law students.

Byron Williams
Public Interest Law Centre

Thompson Community Law Centre, Thompson (2 positions)
Northlands Community Law Centre, The Pas (2 positions)
Parklands Community Law Centre, Dauphin (1 position)
Westman Community Law Centre, Brandon (1 position)

Although these offices provide full legal services to the communities, most services provided are in the areas of criminal and family law. You will spend approximately half your time in both criminal and family law and gain litigation experience that is second to none. In partnership with the private bar, you will also work in other areas of law.

Supervising Attorneys

Mario Santos
Thompson Community Law Centre

Monica Ross
Northlands Community Law Centre

Therese Koturbash
Parklands Community Law Centre

Wendy Stewart
Westman Community Law Centre