From Outside of Manitoba

Family Matters

Legal Aid Manitoba (LAM) has a reciprocal agreement with other Canadian provinces and territories. Take these steps if your legal aid matter is taking place in Manitoba but you are living outside of the province:

  1. Contact your local legal aid in the province or territory in which you live
  2. Inform your local legal aid that your legal matter is taking place in Manitoba
  3. Apply for legal aid in your province or territory

If you quality for legal aid in your province or territory, you will be referred to LAM.

If LAM covers your type of legal matter, we will provide you with a lawyer in Manitoba.

Criminal Matters

We have no agreement with other provinces for criminal matters. You must apply and qualify for legal aid from the province where you are charged.


Legal Aid Alberta

British Columbia Legal Services Society
604.408.2172 or 1.866.577.2525

Legal Aid New Brunswick

Newfoundland & Labrador Legal Aid
709.753.7860 or 1.800.563.9911

Northwest Territories Legal Services Board

Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission
902.420.6578 or 1.877.420.6578

Nunavut Legal Services Board

Legal Aid Ontario
416.979.1446 or 1.800.668.8258

Prince Edward Island Legal Aid

Legal Aid Quebec

Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission
306.933.5300 or 1.800.667.3764

Yukon Legal Services Society
867.667.5210 or 1.800.661.0408