Legal Aid Manitoba (LAM)

Facts & Stats

Legal Aid Manitoba is committed to increasing access to justice by establishing sustainable, scalable and accessible full representation programs for low-income individuals, the working poor and groups.

Client Base

Financial Eligibility Guidelines
FEG – 1 Person Family ($)

  • One-person financial eligibility guideline (FEG) for jurisdictions across Canada
  • Jurisdictions that calculate financial eligibility guidelines on a net income amount (Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia) adjusted to the gross amount for comparative purposes

Scope of Service

Our resources are primarily devoted to providing Manitobans with access to lawyers.

Services Delivered

Legal Aid Costs

Legal Aid Manitoba services are compensated at a very modest rate, with reasonable incentives for cases that can be resolved more quickly, and carefully audited increases in compensation where they are extremely complicated and lengthy. Our cost per case is the lowest when compared to legal aid plans across Canada, even as we provide more full representation certificates per capita than any other legal aid plan.

Total Expenditures

Per Capita Certificate (Certificates/person)

Administration Costs
Legal Aid Manitoba delivers services in a cost-effective and efficient manner so that a greater number of Manitobans living near the poverty line can access legal representation and advice.