Public Interest Law Centre (PILC)


Victories for All Manitobans

The Public Interest Law Centre (PILC) represents clients at all levels of the court system and before boards, administrative tribunals and legislative committees.

We have established numerous legal precedents and contributed to the reform of many laws and policies to enhance the lives and law for all Manitobans. Through our clients’ efforts:

  • Utility rates have been reduced
  • Service for people with disabilities have been expanded
  • Pay-day loan rates have been regulated
  • The rights of First Nations have been incorporated into economic development agreements
  • Broader and more inclusive approaches to assessing the environmental impacts of industrial development have been adopted

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Will PILC accept my case?

We select cases on the basis of social significance, legal merit and the availability of resources.

Applications for public interest law cases will only be approved if:

  • There are sufficient resources within PILC
  • Funding is available to pursue the matter throughout the proceedings
  • There is a reasonable likelihood of success
  • The matter will impact a systemic issue in the law, which will allow it to be a test case, and/or it will impact a segment of the population of Manitoba either positively or negatively
  • Clients meet Legal Aid Manitoba financial eligibility criteria