What to Bring

☐ Application Fee

You must pay a $25.00 non-refundable fee by cash, money order, certified cheque or debit at the time that you apply for legal aid. The fee may be waived for low-income persons in some situations, such as you are:

  • Receiving social assistance
  • A full-time student
  • In a women’s shelter
  • In a mental health facility

☐ Lawyer

If you have secured a private lawyer, bring the lawyer’s name and contact information.

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☐ Documents

Bring all the documents you have related to your case, including any legal documents or previous Court Orders.

☐ Court Date

If you already have a court date and time, write them down and make sure you tell your interviewer.

☐ Pay Stubs

  • Bring 3 pay stubs from your employer and/or a photocopy of your last tax return
  • Bring 3 pay stubs or other proof of income for anyone else in your family who is living with you—including a common-law spouse who is also earning some sort of income

☐ Social Assistance Case Number

If you are collecting social assistance, bring your social assistance case number and budget letter (if available) with you. This will speed up your application process and help us determine if you are eligible for legal aid.

☐ Debts, Assets and Expenses

We also need to know about your debts, assets and major expenses, so it is good to write down amounts for:

  • Rent you pay
  • Child or spousal support you pay or receive
  • Daycare you pay
  • Money that you owe, such as loans and credit cards, and how much money you pay toward them each month
  • Cash, savings or investments, including RRSPs, that you have
  • Year and model of your vehicle(s) and the approximate value
  • Approximate value of your home or other real estate you may own
  • Monthly mortgage payment
  • Mortgage left to pay on your home