Legal Aid Manitoba (LAM)

The Program

We recognize the articling year is an important educational experience for law students. The articling program is designed to ensure that in the course of providing important legal services to our clients, articling students receive a valuable educational experience.

Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education Program

During the articling year students will participate in the Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) program. Recognizing the importance of CPLED, workloads and assignments are organized to accommodate the demands of this program.

Supervision and Feedback

The Supervising Attorney in each office is responsible for the design of the articling student program. Generally, each student is assigned a principal who is one of the senior lawyers in the office. The principal monitors workload, conducts periodic file reviews and coaches the student on general matters related to the practice of law.

As well, articling students are assigned their own cases under the supervision of a staff lawyer in the office.