Residential Tenancies

If your application is accepted by Legal Aid Manitoba, your case will be referred to the Advocacy Unit, which is supervised by the Public Interest Law Centre.

The Advocacy Unit provides a range of legal services to eligible tenants who face housing-related issues such as:

  • Eviction
  • Health and/or safety issues with your rental unit
  • Tenant and Landlord claims over $200.00

How We Help

Advocacy Unit Advocates, supervised by a PILC lawyer, can:

  • Represent you at a tribunal hearing
  • Assist with resolving your matter through mediation
  • Provide direction and information
  • Prepare you for your hearing
  • Investigate and gather evidence in support of your case

In our work for tenants, the Advocacy Unit has:

  • Prevented evictions
  • Won financial compensation for tenants
  • Had landlord claims for compensation deleted or reduced

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