Manitoba Public Insurance 2022 General Rate Application: Fairness to ratepayers through Covid-19 and into the future


On behalf of the Manitoba Branch of the Consumers’ Association of Canada (CAC Manitoba), PILC has called on the Public Utilities Board to ensure that Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) treats ratepayers’ insurance premiums consistent with the demands of transparency, prudence and the law.

Part of MPI’s application included a $335 million one-time rebate to its customers to account for extra funds accumulated during the Covid-19 pandemic. CAC Manitoba argued that this number should have been $113 million higher, due the fact that MPI unlawfully used this amount to fund driver licensing and vehicle registration services, which are government’s responsibility to pay for.

Relying on independent expert evidence, CAC Manitoba also argued that MPI’s insurance premiums are unjustifiably high. CAC found that MPI’s claim forecasting process has been causing MPI to collect far more money from Manitobans than it needs and argued for a change to MPI’s forecasting methods which would significantly reduce rates for years to come.

The Public Utilities Board will release its decision on MPI’s rates, the rebate, and whether or not MPI broke the law in 4-6 weeks. CAC Manitoba was represented by PILC staff lawyer Katrine Dilay with the support of external legal counsel Mr. Chris Klassen.

CAC Manitoba’s participation in this proceeding received attention from the CBC News, CTV News, and Global News.